Ramping up the volume

Matthew has learned to squeal. Now where’s those ear plugs…

A Vulcan Salute and a Cow…

Quite random subjects and completely unrelated I know, but here’s a couple of photos for ya…

Firstly, Matthew showing off his tooth while throwing a Vulcan Salute! (and he didn’t need to practice it…)

And for something completely different, how’s this for a hide pattern?!

Washing Instructions

Found on the net… 😀 WARNING: Don’t try this at home!


Sean Connery’s fourth outing as James Bond is Thunderball, released in 1965.

This film sees Bond on a mission to recover a pair of nuclear bombs stolen from NATO and being held for ransom by SPECTRE.

Here’s my picks of the Bond goodness on offer…

The best gadget of the film would have to be the rocket jet pack used by 007 to escape some villians in the pre-title sequence.

In the one-liners department, early in the film Moneypenny gives Bond a photo of a girl asking “how else will you recognise her?” to which Bond replies “Couldn’t miss. She has two moles on the left thigh”. And secondly, just after killing an assassin with a spear gun Bond proclaims “I think he got the point!”.

Lastly, the most novel action scene would have to be the underwater fight between a group of good guys and villians using spear guns and knives. 😀

As with the earlier films, the Austin Powers series borrows heavily from this Bond movie – in particular the ‘death chairs’ used by the head of SPECTRE, “Number 2” with his eye patch and sharks (but also lacking fricken laser beams!).

While enjoyable, I’d have to rate the previous two films ahead of this one, but it’s still worth a look.

Next up, You Only Live Twice

Album Additions

The wee man is over six months now and we’ve added a new album for photos covering the second half of his first year.

Click through for some recent pool fun, messy eating and ExerSaucer action…


Fast cars, evil villains, cheesy one-liners, cool gadgets and Pussy Galore!

Coming in at Bond number three, Goldfinger (1964) certainly contains all those iconic things audiences have come to expect and love in more recent films in the saga.

We don’t have to wait long for the first cheesy one-liner in Goldfinger, in fact the pre-title sequence has 007 exclaim “Shocking!” just after a villain is electrocuted in a bathtub. 😀

The stand out quote however would have to be the following,

Bond: “Do you expect me to talk?”
Goldfinger: “No, Mr. Bond. I expect you to die.”

As for gadgets, the coolest is certainly Bond’s first company car – an Aston Martin DB5 with machine guns, bullet proof windows, smoke screen and oil slick dispensers, rotating licence plates and a passenger ejector seat!

In other cutting edge technology, Goldfinger has the first movie appearance of a Laser, which must have been a novelty in 1964 given the first working model was only demonstrated in 1960.

For the Austin Powers fans, you’ll see that Dr Evil’s Korean assassin Random Task is taken directly from Oddjob in Goldfinger who throws a bowler hat like a frisbee as a weapon.

From Mexico to the UK and Switzerland to the USA, Goldfinger has plenty of great Bond action and is well worth a look.

James Bond will return to my screen in Thunderball…