Apple 1, Microsoft 0.

I’ve finally finished watching the big two keynote addresses delivered earlier this month by Steve Jobs and Bill Gates. My verdict: a victory to Steve Jobs and Apple Inc.

If you’re a tech-head or self confessed computer geek then you’ll know that two of the biggest shows took place earlier this month – the 2007 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas and Macworld in San Francisco. Presenting keynotes at those shows respectively were Bill Gates, Chairman of Microsoft and Steve Jobs, CEO of Apple.

Both keynotes are well worth a look (links to follow), but I reckon Steve pulled off the better delivery and had a much more enthused audience. By contrast, Bill’s presentation was a little flat, reflected in the unexcitable crowd. Part of the problem for Microsoft is the fact they’re essentially pushing the same old software in shiney new wrappings, whereas Apple delivered once again innovative products that will most certainly lead the digital media and cell-phone markets in new directions.

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Bill’s presentaion centred on the “Connected Experiences” theme and how software and hardware will marry together from Vista and Office through to IPTV on the Xbox 360. In terms of core functionality there is little I’ve seen in Vista that I can’t do in XP, although the new eye candy does look nice, including full motion desktop backgrounds. Sadly, what should have got the crowd excited in being able to connect with Xbox 360 gamers directly from Vista, drew a delayed and muted response.

Steve’s keynote is probably best summarised by his opening statement – “we’re going to make some history together today” – and by a quote he pulled from Wayne Gretzky – “I skate to where the puck is going to be, not where it has been”. It’s hard to deny that Apple are innovative and have shaped the market we now take for granted (think back to the Macintosh computer in 1984 and the iPod in 2001). Steve worked the stage well and the audience responded – of course it helps when you announce the two coolest products on the planet right now, the Apple TV and the iPhone. Apple TV is basically a media box for your TV that streams content wirelessly from your mac or pc, and is obviously fully integrated with iTunes. The iPhone is everything you’ve ever wanted in a mobile device, from an mp3 player with widescreen video to cell phone and personal organiser with full internet and email capability. The iPhone is by far the sexiest and coolest device I’ve seen and it, along with the Apple TV, top my boys toys wish list!

To view the keynote addresses either head to the company websites for their streamed versions or grab them in parts on YouTube…

The YouTube versions are a little out of sync in places, but you’ll get the idea. For a high quality version of the Apple keynote, head to iTunes and grab it from the podcast directory, but be warned it’s 1.2Gb!


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