Christmas is coming…

Good grief! Not even November yet and I saw the first Christmas ad on TV tonight. The offender? Telecom. Mind you, I’m sure a quick look around the shops would show up many more Christmas ads and displays…

Photo and Video update

Peek-a-boo!We’ve added a few photos to the gallery from the last few weeks and a couple of videos to YouTube.

As before, our favourite photos are displayed at while the full gallery has a few extras…

And for those that want moving pictures, here’s a recent short video,

For a couple more, click through to my YouTube videos page where you’ll find an extra “playtime” video (with sound) and a short one of Matthew asleep and dreaming about drinking… 🙂

Mello Yello is back!

Straight out of the 80’s, the classic softdrink Mello Yello is back on NZ shelves as a limited edition release. We had one today for old times sake, and if memory serves correct it tastes the same as it used to. It definitely appears that RETRO is the new cool, even in the tech world, from brown mp3 players to the resurgence of classic games

Two months on

Matthew hit the two month old mark today and had a visit to Plunket for a quick check up. The numbers came back as 5.1kg and 60cm (plus or minus a bit!) – a healthy increase since his last weigh-in two weeks ago.

For those wondering about his sleeping habits, we can’t complain really… especially since he slept from around 10pm to 6am on Friday night – by far his longest sleep. We’ll take another serving of that any time!