Painting complete… for now!

The finished hallThe final coat of paint went on the hall last week, which brings to a finish part one of the interior redecorating. We’ve now completed three bedrooms and the hall, with the lounge and kitchen having to wait until later.

The colour scheme we’ve chosen comes from Resene with the bedrooms in Sisal, hall and lounge in Ecru White, the kitchen in Iko Iko and the ceiling and door/window frames in Quarter Thorndon Cream.

Our Resene colour scheme

Next up will be a return to the back yard, which we hope to complete for summer…

Curtains for baby

Colourful curtainsMore additions to the baby’s room this week in the form of some curtains kindly made by Sarah. No shortage of colour here!

In the meantime, the painting continues in the hallway and should be finished in a week…

Love Puke

Strange name for a play – until you see it, which we did on opening night yesterday. Love Puke, written by Duncan Sarkies (possibly best known for Scarfies), takes a humorous look at relationships. I went along not only coz Lou said I had to, but also coz our friend Cath Colwill stars in it. Here’s what the blurb says,

It’s about love, sex and relationships and how stupid we can get about it all. Relieve your sexual tension laughing as you witness four men and four women fight it out on the battleground of love. Most of them wanna love, some wanna root and some wanna puke.

Cath, and the rest of the cast, did a fantastic job. It’s well worth a look and is currently running at Bats Theatre on Kent Terrace until July 22nd. See it. You’ll like it.

Unleash the Fox!

If you’re one of the sensible people using Firefox, then I’ve got some tips and tricks to further enhance your browsing experience.

Settings, shortcuts and extensions all work for you to make browsing easier and faster, and can wrap extra tasks and apps right into the browser. With a few tweaks and add-ons you too can unleash Firefox and turn it into a powerful ally for using the internet.

Here’s what I’ve found useful… Read more of this post

DIY update – let the nesting begin

The baby's room takes shapeThe final coat of paint went on the walls on Saturday, just in time for Lou’s “retirement”… two days later the room is already being decked out with kiddy gear!

The colour sheme is the same as the other bedrooms, Sisal on the walls and Quarter Thorndon Cream on the ceiling, frames and skirting.

Pea soup anyone?

After waking to the sound of fog horns today, it’s now the middle of the afternoon and warning blasts still echo around Wellington as ships come and go…

Wellington Harbour fogThe fog has finally cleared over the land and from the south coast, but the harbour basin has made a nice little fog trap!

This photo (and another in the album) were snapped from the back of our place just before 3pm.

And here’s the view of the fog late morning from space!

Satellite view of Wellington fog

The image is another superb example from the NASA MODIS Rapid Response System – taken at 10:05am this morning. As you can see Lake Wairarapa was also covered in fog, which appears to be flowing out into Palliser Bay.