The Big Snow

If you were wondering just how extensive the snow was in the South Island on Monday 12 June, then check out this beautiful image…

The big snow - 12 June 2006

The image was taken at 2:25pm on Tuesday 13 June by one of the satellites in the NASA MODIS Rapid Response System. We were just plain lucky to get an almost direct overpass the day after the snow with mostly fine weather in Canterbury.

For the full image and larger/more detailed shots, try one of these,

As you’ll see the snow was right down to sea level in South Canterbury, with the Paparoa Range on the West Coast also getting snow to around 1200m.

J Noble and Son – Pavers

Paving stonesYup. After ordering too much concrete we decided to enter the paving business. I now have 5 paving stones for sale! …if you can move them you can buy them! Actually they’ll come in handy when we finally get a clothesline back up.

Thanks to some big help from Dad who came up for the weekend, I now have another couple of concrete pads poured in the back yard for what will eventually become the new BBQ area for next summer. The other significant addition was a pair of garage door openers – take that winter weather!

I’ve also started painting the baby’s room which I hope to have finished in around a week or so to allow Lou to start nesting… After that comes the hall painting, some more work out back, and then we might leave the place alone for a bit. Yeah right.


I confess. I’m addicted to podcasts.

From Wikipedia,

Podcasting is the method of distributing multimedia files, such as audio programs or music videos, over the Internet using either the RSS or Atom syndication formats, for playback on mobile devices and personal computers.

The podcasts I regularly grab are generally tech related, and both audio and video, totalling around 700MB per week (I recommend a good broadband plan!)

So, how does podcasting work? do you need an iPod? and what do I subscribe to? Glad you asked… Read more of this post