More from Melbourne

Now that I’m back on affordable internet (!) here’s the latest update to the photo albums.

BoM muralIn fairness to Melbourne, the weather did improve but remained a little cool (as the folks from the north of the island on the course will attest to!) This pic is part of the rather interesting mural in the foyer of the Bureau of Meteorology.

For more photos, mainly from around the Docklands area where both the accomodation and the BoM are based, click through to the Melbourne 2006 album

The course was fantastic and as a group we had some fun times, dined out lots and managed not to lose too much to the casino! I also enjoyed (well kinda!) my first live game of AFL which turned out to be much less of a walkover than anticipated. Even better was being surrounded by Aussies when both NZ rugby teams won in the semi-finals of the Super 14!

Once again I really enjoyed Melbourne (even though work dominated this trip) and look forward to returning again…


Well the weather is crap, but if I had to choose an Australian city to visit this is it. Kudos to Qantas for winging me here safely and on time, and what’s more the late lunch was ok and topped off by a magnum for dessert 🙂

Quest ApartmentThe serviced apartment in Docklands that I’m staying in is very well presented, albiet small, and just 5min walk to where I’m based for the course. The flatscreen TV and DVD player is a bonus (pity I didn’t bring any DVD’s with me!)

My only gripe is the cost of the in-house internet. The provider is Azure Wireless (despite being a wired option in the apartment) and for some insane pricing options check out their billing options page! Yes you read right,

  • 1 hour (unlimited) = $13.20
  • 2 hours (unlimited) = $25.00 …
  • 1 day (200Mb) = $20.00
  • 3 days (400Mb) = $40.00 …

The hour plans are billed by the minute and let you use your time over the course of a year, but man that’s pricey! The speed pretty much sucks too… for that price I’d expect a super fast connection, but I’m currently surfing at 1280/200kbps (well short of the fastest plans in NZ). I’m thinking about taking the laptop for a walk and finding an open wireless network to piggy back off…

Sightseeing with Google Maps

Lately I’ve been having a bit of fun spying on far away places with Google Maps. It’s a great way to waste time – once you start looking around it becomes very addictive as fascinating scenes unfold.

Here’s just a few interesting images for your perusal (you may need to zoom in once or twice on some)…

Google’s desktop application for its maps, Google Earth, has mostly the same images, but with the bonus of adding maps containing 3D models… check out the popular Google Earth Blog for more, or for more cool stuff in Google Maps head to Google Sightseeing.

April Weddings

Time for a belated shout out of “congrats” to friends who tied the knot in April.

Emma and Paul Emma and Paul headed south to Port Chalmers for their wedding on the 22nd, with the ceremony at St Mary, Star of the Sea catholic church.

The following weekend on the 29th we headed north for another wedding…

Tony and Jill Tony and Jill celebrated their special day at The Chateau on Mt Ruapehu, with the distinct sound of bag pipes announcing the arrival of the bride.

Click through to the galleries for some more photos…