Baby Noble – 1st Pic!

We are proud to announce that Baby Noble (version 1) is currently in development.

Baby Noble - 12 weeks Through the magic of ultrasound, here’s a sneak preview from 7-Feb-06, at around 12 weeks.

Baby Noble is currently fully dependant on the host system “Mum”, but we expect to have a stand-alone version released in the third week of August.

Support costs for Baby Noble are mounting, and the final release will not be as cheap as the developers had hoped. We’ve also had to invest in new hardware (including a mobile platform code named “Maclaren Mac3 stroller”) and the installation environment is currently undergoing upgrade with a new colour scheme due in the coming weeks.

In terms of compatability, we’ve heard of similar projects conflicting with other installations such as “sleep” and “social life”. As a result, we’ll be testing version 1 for a yet to be determined period of time before any consideration is given to a version 2.

Finally, don’t be fooled by the basic appearance of this public preview – we expect major changes prior to release, with amazing new functionality, and will keep you updated here.

Internet Explorer sucks

Yup. It’s official. I don’t like it, but IE7 is looking better…

Firstly IE sucks for several reasons. My biggest gripe is the lack of CSS or style specification adherance, meaning different visual behaviours across browers for some sites (including this one). IE also doesn’t fully support PNG images, which is just plain stupid. And it has security issues (ok, so do others) but because it’s so highly integrated into the Windows operating system, it often leaves the OS also vulnerable to attack.

My solution – get Firefox. Seriously. Just because IE comes bundled with Windows doesn’t mean it’s the standard browser (far from it in fact!) Firefox is better for so many reasons. To name a few, it’s open source, is a small download, has tabbed browsing, built in RSS feed support, is more extendable via plugins, has better bookmark management and is generally regarded as being faster and safer.

I use it and will never look back. Ironically I suppose, to actually switch to Firefox you’ll probably use IE to download it!

To prove I don’t hate Microsoft, I decided to test IE7 beta 2, and there are some promising improvements. IE is definately playing catch-up with Firefox, and the new version now has tabbed browsing and RSS support built-in.

IE7 tab preview One thing I do like is the “quick tabs” button that shows you all your open tabs at once.
(click for a larger preview)

Other thumbs up are that the RSS support is well done, page zooming works well and it also looks like it will finally support PNG images properly.

On the downside, it still doesn’t do CSS correctly which is a serious annoyance. Perhaps this will be further improved once it’s officially released, but who knows. I still recommend Firefox.

Get Firefox!

Ex-TC Wati visits NZ

Ex-Tropical Cyclone Wati paid NZ a visit yesterday and crossed the North Island just north of Auckland around midday.

For the weather enthusiasts, here’s a high resolution “quikscat” image from 6:30am Tuesday morning showing satellite measured sea-surface winds around the low centre.

Ex-TC Wati

Not only was the low responsible for some heavy rain in the upper North Island, but it also delivered monster waves to the New South Wales coastline in Australia.

A successful stag

I thought it was worth sending a shout out to the lads for a great night away to celebrate Tony’s stag party.

The stag It’s fair to say the evening was a success with the boy ending up asleep in the bathtub – extra pics withheld for now, but a majority vote will see them appear here 😉

PokerWho’d have thought a simple game of poker would put the nail in the coffin?!

(these photos courtesy Mike Roseingrave)

DIY time!

We’ve been here around 6 months, and it’s time to spruce things up a bit…

Destroying the back yard

Painting indoors is underway and the hard yards have been done out back. Follow the action in our DIY exterior and interior photo albums.

Cook conquered! Congrats Nic and Andrew

Late last year Nic and Andrew added Mt Cook to their peak portfolio, which I must say is very cool.

Here’s the pxt and msg sent from the mountain (kudos to Vodafone for the coverage!)

A PXT from the summit of Mt Cook “We have just left the summit of cook. Amazing weather and amazing views. We are totally exhausted and its a long way down a very cut up linda glacier. Nic”
[sent 12:43pm 28 Dec]